Regénera Headlights Kit

Regénera Headlights Kit


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Regénera Headlights Kit

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Regénera Headlights Kit

From the 90s onwards, car manufacturers began to make headlight caps in polycarbonate, which is cheaper and lighter, more resistant to impacts, and above all able to give designers more creative possibilities. But polycarbonate suffers from UV rays, tending to yellow and dull.

Kit Regénera Fari di Mafra allows you to restore the original transparency of the headlights and improve the effectiveness of the lights in a simple way, guaranteeing professional results

The Regénera Headlights Kit consists of:

Headlight polisher
Headlight sealant

16 abrasive papers in 3 levels of extra fine abrasiveness, 1500, 2500 and 400
Polyurethane polishing support for the restoration of opaque headlights.

How to use:
1 - Clean the headlights with Glass Cleaner: use 1Shine Vetri and Glass Cleaner, removing any debris that could scratch the surface during sanding operations.
2 - Protect the surrounding area: protect the paint on the bonnet and fenders from any scratches. To do this, we use adhesive tape and carefully shape the perimeter of the lighthouse.
3 - Sanding: starting with the most abrasive paper, the 1500 paper, start sanding: the surface must be damp, then use the glass cleaner to keep the surface always well lubricated. Work with longitudinal movements (never circular) if possible parallel to the curvature of the light. Continue to sand, removing the coarsest defects, dry and check the homogeneity of the surface. Switch to the intermediate grain size of 2500, always wet, and sand, with opposite movements compared to before to better remove the marks of the previous passes. Dry again and switch to the finest 4000 paper.
4 - Apply the headlight polish with 1Shine Esterni, spread the polish with circular movements, exerting a moderate pressure and then remove any excess with a cloth. Repeat the polishing operation until a transparent and uniform surface is obtained.
5 - Apply the car headlight sealant, without proper sealant, the headlights would turn dull and yellow in no time. Clean the car headlight with Glass Cleaner and apply the sealant with the Heavy Work microfibre cloth trying to obtain a homogeneous veil, spreading it with longitudinal movements. Allow to dry well and repeat the operation if necessary.

- Work on a cold surface and not directly exposed to sunlight.
- Before the sanding phase, adequately shape the perimeter of the headlight with adhesive tape from the body shop, paying particular attention to the internal edges and any gaskets.
- If the headlight is still opaque after applying the polishing polish, repeat the sanding step.
- During the last phase, apply the sealant until a homogeneous film is obtained, let it dry well, and repeat the operation if necessary. Multiple layers of the sealant can be applied.

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