Last Touch Express liquid wax

Last Touch Express liquid wax


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Polish Clever

Polish Clever

Last Touch Express liquid wax

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For long-lasting shine.
Last Touch Express is the liquid wax that guarantees a mirror effect shine for your car; easy and quick to apply, it is a car wax with specific cleaning properties.

Last Touch Express is a silicone-free product, rich in precious carnauba waxes, thanks to this innovative formula it guarantees to obtain a lasting result over time and in a few moments.

Developed within the MA-FRA research laboratories, Last Touch Express can be used anywhere, even on glass and plastics.

How to use:
On a dry car, spray evenly on the part to be treated in small doses and at a distance of about 20 cm; without exceeding in use, spread the product with a microfiber cloth and dry the bodywork with another dry cloth.

On a wet car: before drying the car, spray the product and then dry as usual.

Last Touch Express the liquid car wax with polished results that has no competitors on the market!

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