Regénera Rims Kit

Regénera Rims Kit


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Regénera Rims Kit

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One of the most popular parts of the car is the alloy wheels but how many times, after a thorough cleaning, is it impossible to obtain the desired result?
Some impurities such as brake dust and ferrous residues that have penetrated into the rim paint are impossible to remove with classic cleaning methods, causing premature aging of the rims that are stained and altered by more or less evident black points.

To thoroughly remove these contaminations, specific treatment must be applied, which is why Mafra weighed in on the Regénera Cerchi Kit.

Composed of:

Decontaminate Rims Cleaner 500ml, a highly effective acid-free product is ideal for dissolving and removing brake dust and ferrous residues from any type of steel and light alloy rims and even on chromed rims. Thanks to its special formula, sprayed on the contaminated surface, it chemically converts and dissolves ferrous residues, creating an easily printable purple solution.
Brush for rims, thanks to its resistant bristles cleans rims without damaging and scratching the surface. Its ergonomic non-slip handle allows you to reach any difficult point on the rim.
Kit Regénera Circles is a complete treatment for the decontamination, cleaning, and maintenance of rims attacked by time and beyond.

How to use:

Dispense the "Rims Decontaminant Cleaner" on the rim to be treated and leave it for about a couple of minutes without ever allowing the surface to dry. Its formula is characterized by a particular indicator that reacts with the ferrous contaminating particles, dissolving them, assuming the characteristic purplish color. Using the brush provided, remove the dirt deep between the spokes and in the most difficult to reach gaps. Finally, rinse the rim with plenty of water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Warning: do not use on anodized aluminum rims and hot surfaces. Prevent the product from coming into contact with the brake calipers

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