Extreme Black

Extreme Black


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Extreme Black

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Extreme Black is a spray product for polishing car tires.

Ultra bright with a wet effect, it is really effective against darkening and tire stains.

This treatment is able to give an antistatic protective screen that resists humidity, dust and daily dirt.

Extreme Black, the extreme black for tires is able to restore the original shiny color of the tires of your car, keeping the rubber elastic and preventing it from cracking.

Its formula is easy to apply, as it is sufficient to spray the product without spraying it on the rims: if this happens, you can simply remove the excess with a dry cloth before the product dries.

Fast and precise, Extreme Black is also suitable for low-profile tires, this product, thanks to its water-repellent raw materials, guarantees its durability for weeks, is resistant to rain, washing and wear on the asphalt, combining protection and shine for a fabulous wet look.

This is the most effective product for obtaining and restoring the shiny and original color of your tires.


For an optimal result, it is recommended to apply the product on a microfibre cloth for a MEDIOLUCID effect

Spray directly with a rubber ride for a GLOSS effect

And finally, for a SUPER-SHINY effect, spray two turns on the rubber and remove the excess product after 10 minutes with a cloth.

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