Fast Cleaner Quick Detailer & Clay Lube

Fast Cleaner Quick Detailer & Clay Lube


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Scratch Removal Kit

Scratch Removal Kit

Fast Cleaner Quick Detailer & Clay Lube

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Fast Cleaner Quick Detailer & Clay Lube

Unbeatable in dry cleaning.
For the dry cleaning of the car MA-FRA has studied a product for complete external cleaning. From the bodywork to the windows, here is Fast Cleaner, a quick cleaner that instantly removes any dirt or stain.

Fast Cleaner guarantees maximum delicacy on the paint of your car, thanks to a triple effect:
1 - anti-rain, which makes rain slide off without a trace on the bodywork;
2 - anti-dirty, creates a layer that prevents dirt and dust from taking root;
3 - anti-fingerprint, prevents unsightly fingerprints on the car.

Thanks to its special formula without silicones, Fast Cleaner acts by bringing the dirt into suspension so as to facilitate its removal without leaving streaks. Furthermore, being free of abrasives, it guarantees maximum safety on any type of surface.

How to use:
Spray the product evenly on the part to be treated at a distance of about 20cm and then pass a microfibre cloth applying horizontal movements, until completely dry; you will thus eliminate any excess product.

Fast Cleaner can also be used as Clay Lube, a lubricant for Clay Bar during the mechanical decontamination phase of the bodywork. Fast Cleaner, thanks to its lubricating power, will increase the smoothness of the Clay Bar on glass and bodywork, removing the anchored dirt particles and making the surface smooth and ready for the subsequent polishing phase.

We recommend that you always keep Fast Cleaner in the trunk of your car, a unique product against daily inconveniences.

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