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Fast Cleaner Quick Detailer & Clay Lube

Fast Cleaner Quick Detailer & Clay Lube


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Cleanshine by Mafra is the super cleaner for motorcycles!
Cleanshine is a professional degreaser and cleaner, ideal product for a quick and effective washing of your motorbike or scooter.

Cleanshine is a 2in1 polishing detergent, safe on every part of the motorcycle or scooter, gentle on plastics and rubber. Its absolutely unique formula makes it perfect for cleaning fairings, metal parts, rims and any other component in the best possible way. Cleanshine does not damage the electrical system, it is also designed to safely clean and clean delicate surfaces such as the parts of the engine, the carburetor, the chain, the rims that are in aluminum / magnesium alloy and the bodies, eliminating in a few seconds grease, oil, petrol, mud and gnats, as well as creating an excellent protective barrier against UVA rays.
In this way Cleanshine forms a protective film on the treated parts that protects them from rust and corrosion: an ideal product for the complete washing of the motorcycle or scooter.

Cleanshine was created on indications of the greatest Superbike teams and has been tested by motorcycle manufacturers who recommend the following advantages:
- dissolves grease, oil, petrol, mud and gnats in a few seconds
- ideal for aluminum frames
- easy and quick to apply, preserves colors and graphics over time
- does not damage any type of painted surface
- product of the highest quality and safety of use

How to use:
- Cleanshine is ready to use, the washing operation must be carried out on a cold bike, protected from the sun
- spray the product from bottom to top on the surface to be treated
- a few sprays are enough to give light to all the treated parts without the need for rubbing or brushing
- rinse off the loose dirt with a powerful jet of water from the product
- if the dirt persists, use a microfibre cloth or sponge, or a brush with soft bristles

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