Fantasies of Elixir Fresh

Fantasies of Elixir Fresh


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Oriental Elixir Fantasies

Oriental Elixir Fantasies

Fantasies of Elixir Fresh

Mafra Fantasie by Elisir®, a line of elegant, super concentrated and refined long-lasting essences, capable of releasing a truly unique fragrance based on pure essential oil. The fragrances have been designed to be used in all environments and not just in the car, ideal for the home, hotel and everyday environments, that's why the graphic style, suitable for all markets. The fragrances are able to neutralize any odor and have a guaranteed duration of at least 3 days. They are also alcohol-free, water-soluble and "hydro-compatible". The fragrances of Fantasie di Elisir® have very complex notes inspired by the fragrances of high perfumery and aromatherapy. With very rich top, heart and base notes, which allow for unique olfactory sensations. Once the top notes are exhausted, after about 12 hours, it turns out that the base notes are the same for all fragrances, and there is no longer a distinction between one perfume and another.

Fantasies of Elixir Fresh Lime, citrusy olfactory description with top notes of green grapefruit, enriched with heart notes of gardenia and jasmine and lastly base notes of musk and vanilla.

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