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Our idea of ​​quality starts through the requirements of our customers, whether they are professionals or users for "DIY". And it is informed of these requirements to the company through Mafra sales network, and then to the research and development department and is transferred to production lines and finally become usable solutions offered to customers. In order to become a vital quality added value, each person is part of the production process, such as those who provide or benefit from the service or product, it should be used in practice and are appreciated. For the end user, it is the quality certificate of ISO guide and ensure the reliability and compliance with regulations by-product that is bought, which is the basis of any success is achieved over time. Mafra has developed a special quality system the company being implemented to achieve the following objectives: to improve the organization and functions of the company, reduce expenses that are not related to quality and improve productivity through the reduction of waste and the number of amendments, and meet the increasing demands of clients in order to provide for quality documents. Mafra is one of the founding members of Federlavaggi aimed - as one of its fundamental objectives and fixed continue and implement professional work factories: So quality become mandatory and substantial way must be transferred to the end user. This makes it a fundamental commitment to quality and worker to be transferred to the final customer. Wi-customer "self-service" we will always get the peace of mind through the use of the best in the market. It has been set up as a branch line Hobby products from the professional line. Formulations as they are matching the quality and ensure user-friendly aspects of the environmental aspects and the best performance.

Best plant:

Since 1999, he participated in Mafra best factory Award being carried out in conjunction with the Bocconi University of Business and Economics and the College of Karnfeild administration and Export academically Baden-W.