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Paint protection

Why Avery Nano Fusion?
Avery Denison's nano fusion protection is a transparent coating protective coating technology pending a patent.

Protection against:
Rocks, acid, salt in winter, sand, minor shocks, debris on the road, scratches, etc.

Transparent coating for cars and trucks:
Bugs, rocks, sand and other debris on the road that start attacking your car once you leave the showroom. It penetrates the paint and transparent layer of your car to leave it exposed to everyday driving conditions. Until recently, the only practical solution to these problems was the vinyl / skin coating of the car, which provided a weak cover and often caused more damage than that which prevented it. Now, to see the solution: the transparent casing of the cars of Avery Denson.

Our coating for paint protection: Nano Vision of Avery Denson

The Avignon Denison Nano Vision wrap protects your car's surface against harsh environmental factors and daily consumption. Cutting small rocks and debris on the road and acid bugs and friction reduces the value of your car. Unlike the use of the leather case, our transparent cover remains invisible, allowing your car's beauty to shine smoothly. The transparent NanoVision cover is easy to install, super-transparent and highly glossy. Certified and used by OEM cars where this cover provides good resistance against the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation while allowing the appearance of car paint glare.