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Car Detailing Go

MA-FRA has produced a complete line of professional products, designed specially for the most prominent centres around the world for superior treatment and aesthetic reconditioning of the vehicles, and for the "evolved" private car owner who loves the DIY wash but uses, among other things, high-pressure jets. The containers are identical to the professional version but are available in a handy format - containing 4.5 litres of product - and are easily transportable. This complete line for treating vehicles stands out thanks to its eye-catching graphics that sum up the consumer line themes. This handy range can be combined and complemented with some of the specially designed products from the consumer line. The Car Detailing line sets the standard for professionals and enthusiasts that accept no less than excellence in the most convenient form.

Lubrigraph 1
Diamantplast Four 1
Flux 1
Brillmotor Extra 1
Splendorsol Vapore
Splendorsol S.V.B.
Splendorsol K
Splendorsol R
Splendorsol X