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Industrial Sector


The importance of the use of clean-up operations in the internal buses:

The company has contributed to make the leap quantity and quality mass transit level through our services is to provide cleaning services for buses local mass transit in the private and public sectors, using global best practices and the best high-tech, where we started to make the necessary to determine the strategic options available to determine the objectives of the studies leadership and development of the transport market.


The importance of building-cleaning:

Building Cleaning Services is one of the most specific of civilization and that are comfortable for visitors factors, and this is resorted to by our company through the International Coalition Inc. Berkeley (PuraQleen) German specialized in cleaning buildings that used to clean each of the (government buildings - glass surfaces industry - aircraft hangars - ..... and others) for its ease of use, an increase of up to 20 of the ground level without the need for scaffolding, which can provide the effort and cost.


The alliance with our sister company Pioneer Kuwaiti General Trading and Contracting - Aviation Services - a first for the company in Kuwait, one of the most important alliances, where the company has invested in cleaning services. Where the plane appearance important, we focus on both quality and time and we specialize in washing the outside of the plane, where we use the robot (Dino 777) of the Nordic Aero Company - Sweden, and the latest technology to wash the outside of the aircraft, which requires less time and cost, and for aircraft B747 process takes 3 to 5 hours. Also, safety features which is our trademark is unmatched. And we are coordinating our services, taking into account the schedule of flights and maneuvers the aircraft to make sure we offer the best service and to achieve optimal results. A team of specialists with experience in washing and polishing the outer part of the latest equipment of all full business and careful attention to every detail, with a permanent observer to the staff.

Wash the outside of the advantages:

As the plane reflect the company's image, the wash aircraft gives a better appearance to preserve it and repainted and increases year-old also leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. Through the use of robotic Dino 777 washing becomes more cost effective and less time.