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Mafra've had to re-invent its sector by transforming the concept and standards of cosmetics for women and men by directing them to an entirely new situation. "Cosmetic materials for your car," When this slogan appeared for the first time was considered a "revolution" innovative. Here are the steps that led Mafra to reach the upper levels of production in Europe: an inspirational journey too.

In the sixties, a bathroom with a bathtub full of makeup, which will become the first innovative product self-drying car wash. We have obtained the first place in the market almost immediately, where we have supplied to remove the wax and polishing the cars and garages distributors of products.

In the seventies, it was "Diamantplast" "legendary product design, the first Shine dashboard drive, the company got the prestigious award" Apollo d'Oro "which is considered the Oscar of the business world. This decade saw the first catalogs were produced, and we have to meet branching motorcycles and boats needs through the creation of multi-functional products. The company thriving and has to move to the main center in the Ambat. It was to do the planning and production to sales branching network, which is still considered the main pillar of our business strategy today, a "" real added value and the lifeline to be protected and respected.

In the eighties Mafra began its cooperation with Peugeot Italy where he has supplied all professional products and DIY. This cooperation has worked to start catalogs Mafra Peugeot-allocated on demand. Mafra and is the first in the professional automobile industry to produce spray completely free of carbon-fluorine compounds chlorine (gas polluter harms the ozone layer), and this is leading "green lifestyle" at Mafra Company Proactive Protection of the environment.

Production nineties cleaning materials free of alkyl phenol began. The development of environmental production line "Eco Spray" which consists of a bottle of Spray with compressed air are mobilizing in the market. Mafra has started its cooperation with the most important wax removal centers ( "Mercurio Transporti" and then "Fratelli Elia") to address the thousands of cars a day. It has been launched in the production of "Ecomaf" It is the first line in the environmental market. These products are made exclusively from natural ingredients effective on the surface and is able to ensure the highest level of biodegradability and less environmental impact. This line combines innovation, technology and the environment to achieve perfection. The plant was built to add to the research and development department growing in order to control and analyze waste water as part of the ongoing research in environmentally compatible products. Mafra has been put on the list of official suppliers for Toyota Italy and Daewoo Motors Italy, while the European sales network to spread and increase in number and expertise.

2000: The first production of Mafra and subtraction successful combination with selling automatic vending products for car care "Shopping Car" and Perfume cars "Deo Shop" machine. The Mafra to focus more on the commercial name as much. In addition to the advertising campaign with instruments media, you are seeing an image Mafra also sports stadiums and race tracks and cars Formula One race. The rest takes us almost to the present time. New Brranzat building impressive outside of Milan, and ISO 9001 certification since 1999 for design quality and environmental certification is important ISO 14001 since late 2004, and is the only of its kind to be issued to the point of working in the production of the chemicals sector, car care, for the new headquarters, which has been calculated in the design and plans . The design of a number of lines and / or strengthened: Nautica, Moto, Camper and Ferramenta, with a redesign of the graph to the name of the brand in 2007 in order to become more attractive to the eye and a modern, thanks to three-dimensional and strong stripes impact. Recently, the Mafra has enhanced its image on the communication level, through a series of initiatives that have made it the most famous and respected brand in this sector, and on the professional level, through the strengthening and monitoring of absolute quality and respect for the environment and people's values. Sales network continues to expand and get access to locations outside of Europe and the highest levels of professionalism.