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Staying "Green" has not only making Mafra with a low environmental impact products respect.

The company is committed to improving environmental services for our products through the use of new technology and powerful components compatible with the new environment.

That Mafra's commitment to access to the main purpose includes all sectors and aspects of the company in addition to the activity of training aimed at staff and collaborators, Mafra mainly seeks to be - which is in fact well known to its customers as a partner in the trust and the backbone of industrial development, which appreciated by everyone.

In terms of regulation, the adoption of quality management system-environment - a first in this segment - according to the standards ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004, the company equipped with a tool capable of providing greater efficiency in all of its products and services and the company's operations.

For this purpose, Mafra raised measuring processes with the relative performance that immediately measure the progress of operations and environmental services indicators Wi devices need a potential for improvement.

Ecomaf line is innovative and a real step forward in terms of environmental sustainability, producer of components that work with the base plant surface, and is the result of significant investments that led research and development center company Mafra to a new study in completely biodegradable detergents sector vistas. The creation of this special line for professionals, to simplify their work and to keep pace with, and often anticipate, strict European regulations on environmental protection. It has been the production of detergents and environmental ECOMAF, which has been designed exclusively with natural elements working on the surface, and to ensure minimum impact on the ecosystem. Shampoo and foam materials and external washing and wax sealant: designed ECOMAF products using elements of raw vegetable base. Based on sugars and alcohol derived from essential oils, they are biodegradable quickly and completely.

All this and much more work in tandem to form what we call the "life style", and a unique way of living really in that aim is not just the end result, but the biggest thing for a respect for nature and other people.

To achieve this, the Mafra leader in this sector set for itself an ambitious can be summed up in the ratio: 70%. This is the percentage of water that our company aims to be recovered and reused in the washing stations. It's not an easy task, but only the most testing challenges pay research and with it, humanity and business. Constitute Ecomaf line is an essential step towards achieving and exceeding that goal.

Mafra has always moved towards the preservation of the environment, through an important and bold steps, which require great sacrifices years ago, at a time when the market was reluctant to understand the need for environmentally compatible products. Any examples? Our company was the first to launch a spray free of chlorofluorocarbons, which are the first to produce phosphate-free detergents from the line and was the first to develop a product line free of NTA. The containers "green" design does not automatically mean that the product is environmental: Mafra and learn it well.