Wipes Clean

Wipes Clean


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Wipes Shine

Wipes Shine

Wipes Clean

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If the windscreen and rear window, glass, and car windows are opaque and have annoying halos and residues of various dirt, the Mafra solution for quick cleaning and internal protection of car windows is called Wipes Clean. Wipes Clean is Mafra disposable wipes created to give the windows of your car brilliant transparency, cleanliness, and protection, all in a single pass. Wipes Clean are cloths with a honeycomb structure, porous microfiber fabric, suitable for easily removing dirt and dust from any car glass, ideal for cleaning LCD touch monitors, found in almost all cars. Wipes CLean after cleaning releases a pleasant scent of cleanliness and a feeling of freshness inside the passenger compartment. The Wipes Clean cloths, compared to the classic wipes, are soaked by 30% more of the detergent solution, so as to always offer greater cleaning and protection of car windows. The practical package to always keep in the car contains 20 disposable Wipes Clean wipes. Ideal for any situation and super fast and easy cleaning of the windshield or windows. Their practical format allows cleaning of car windows in just a few passes. For longer life of disposable wipes, close the package tightly.
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