Rims and Tires Cleaner Active Foam 500ml

Rims and Tires Cleaner Active Foam 500ml


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Rims and Tires Cleaner Active Foam 500ml

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Rims and Tires Cleaner Active Foam 500ml

The most effective in cleaning rims and tires

Thanks to the Rims and Tires Cleaner, cleaning all types of alloy wheels will no longer be a problem. It is a product made with a special formula capable of promoting the penetration of active particles that neutralize even the most difficult residues from the brake pads, giving your rims a new shine.

The Rims and Tires Cleaner is an innovative product: one of the few completely dedicated to the cleaning and care of rims and tires.

Say goodbye to dust and dirt from the rims, you will rediscover the original color of your car's tires, degreasing them and, at the same time, protecting them from aging in a few simple steps.

Thanks to its precious active foam, the Rims, and Tires Cleaner promotes greater adhesion of the detergent on vertical surfaces, thus allowing effective cleaning that dissolves dirt - even the most stubborn - without any risk of corrosion or abrasion.

How to use:

Just spray the Rims and Tires Cleaner all over the rim and in order to obtain an optimal result, let it act for about a minute. Then continue rinsing with an abundant jet of water.

For more stubborn dirt, it is recommended to use it with the aid of a soft bristle brush.

However, it is not recommended for aluminum, anodized and motorcycle rims.

When your tires and rims shine again, you won't be able to do without them.

RIMS AND TIRES CLEANER by MA-FRA is in the 500 ml format.

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