Pulimax Purifying for Interiors

Pulimax Purifying for Interiors


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Pulimax Purifying for Interiors

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For clean interiors with renewed colors

Pulimax is Mafra's purifying product suitable for cleaning the interior of your car: effective, in particular, on fabrics, skai and plastic interiors.

Our product is able to clean and renew the colors of your seats, dissolve dirt and any trace of nicotine from the texture of the fabrics; its effect also eliminates bad odors, such as the most persistent ones, ensuring a complete cleaning of the interior.

Pulimax has been chosen by many car wash professionals, it is a biodegradable product, equipped with an adjustable jet vaporizer to ensure optimal and, above all, economical use.

How to use:
Spray the areas of the interior of your car with a few sprays of Pulimax, let the product act for a few minutes and, immediately after, wipe your cloth with regular movements.

Dirt and stains of any kind will go away, Mafra guarantees!

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