Polish Illumina

Polish Illumina


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Polish Illumina

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ILLÚMINA 2.0 the last step in closing the polishing process to give gloss and shine to the surface. It is a water-based product, without silicones and fillers which, thanks to its anti-hologram formula, guarantees an excellent finish and gives a deep shine by removing collateral damage produced in the cutting phase.

ILLÚMINA 2.0 is characterized by a super glossy finish and at the same time by good cutting properties. It replaces the old Step 3 for its ability to cut and eliminate the holograms created by the previous correction phase. It also replaces Step 4, but with a better finish than the previous one. It can be used on PPF protective films to eliminate the signs of aging without damaging them. It is ideal for both use with a random orbital and a rotary press. The product is ideal on both hard and soft surfaces and removes sanding marks up to P2500 in depth, without covering them, even on scratch-resistant clear coats, OEM and repainted surfaces.

HOW TO USE: distribute a little product at a time on a pad. With Rotary: initially work at 600-900 rpm, gradually rise up to 1500 -1800 rpm and in closing with light pressure at 600-900 rpm. With Rotorbital: spread the product evenly at speed 1-2 on an area of ​​40x40cm, go up to the maximum speed to polish until the polish is finished. Remove excess product with a microfiber cloth.

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