Mr. GùGù Lemon

Mr. GùGù Lemon


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Mr. GùGù Tropical

Mr. GùGù Tropical

Mr. GùGù Lemon

Mr. GùGù is the cute MA-FRA lucky owl made as a car perfume, but not only! Mr. GùGù is in fact also a practical perfume for the office, the home, and the most diverse environments. A colorful car perfume in scented rubber, made with the latest generation materials resistant to high and low temperatures. Mr. Gù Gù is an innovative car air freshener in shape and design, completely Made in Italy from creativity to the finished product. Mr. GùGù, in orange color with the "Flowering Citrus" fragrance, is a car perfume that comes from the spicy notes of cinnamon and orange, which make up a warm and sparkling scent. Its orange color is an emblem of harmony and vitality. Its spicy scent and its orange color are suitable for those looking for new inner harmony, a new way of observing their own vitality.
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