HP 12 Universal Degreaser

HP 12 Universal Degreaser


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HP 12 Universal Degreaser

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HP 12 Universal Degreaser

Effectively removes the most stubborn dirt

HP12 universal degreaser is a product created for professional use but which, thanks to its extreme ease and safety of use, is also perfectly suited to daily use. Its special formula acts in full protection of all treated surfaces, eliminates the most stubborn dirt, sedimented in your car, motorbike or camper; removes traffic film and smog, lethal against all traces of grease present in the engine, or in the chrome, in the bodywork and in the rims. HP12 multipurpose degreaser is a detergent that can no longer be missing among the tools of your workshop: it can also be used for cleaning tools, equipment with gears, plastics of tractors, the interior of your camper and the most stubborn dirt of yours. motorcycle. For daily use, HP12 universal degreaser is perfect for removing stubborn stains from sofa fabrics, making encrusted stoves, steel, hoods, ovens or even shutters and shutters shine. All accompanied by a delicate and fresh lemon-scented aroma.

How to use:

From a distance of about 20 cm, spray the product directly on the surface to be treated and let it act for about 30 seconds. In a second step, with a clean microfiber cloth, remove the dirt evenly over the entire surface, not just where the stain is present. Finally, with a second clean microfiber cloth, remove excess product from the area. N.B. Use it both alone and diluted 1: 1: it will remove all traces of grease from sports equipment, from your bicycle or from your old dinghy: they will shine again in a few simple swipes! HP12 universal degreaser, your best ally against the most stubborn dirt.

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