Glass Cleaner Car Glass Degreaser

Glass Cleaner Car Glass Degreaser


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Wipes Satin

Wipes Satin

Glass Clean & Shine

Glass Clean & Shine

Glass Cleaner Car Glass Degreaser

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Ideal for washing the windows of your car

Cleaning glasses and crystals will no longer be a tiring operation: thanks to Glass Cleaner and its degreasing power, you will be able to thoroughly wash, degrease the glasses, remove halos, grease stains, fingerprints, and any other kind. of scrub. Unlike other products on the market, Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free so it does not risk damaging the other areas of the car with which it comes into contact.

Born for professional use, now available for all car care lovers. All the cleaning power needed for impeccable washing of your car windows in a single formula!

Glass Cleaner is available in 500ml format.

How to use:

First of all, choose the most suitable day to dedicate yourself to cleaning the windows of your car: for example, avoid sultry days as the direct and intense heat could dry the product too quickly, thus favoring the formation of unsightly halos that would nullify your every effort.

Just spray a little Glass Cleaner product on the area you intend to clean and wipe with a good microfibre cloth. Its active foam will do the rest. Effective against halos and against any type of stain, its special formula with active foam does not attack plastics - because it is ammonia-free - or other parts of the vehicle with which it could come into contact. Say goodbye to unsightly halos and stains on your car.

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