Glass Clean & Shine

Glass Clean & Shine


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Glass Clean & Shine

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Glass Clean & Shine by Mafra is the new degreasing cleaner with a brightening effect dedicated to the treatment of glass and crystals. Also ideal for cleaning LCD screens. The product represents the best of the Mafra experience dedicated to cleaning and protecting all types of glass and crystal, even on surfaces with blackout films.

Glass Clean & Shine presents great performances:

  • Adhesion of the foam to the surfaces, which facilitates the sliding of the cloth on the glass, facilitating the cleaning phase in terms of effort and time;)
  • High cleaning power, fast-drying, and a very delicate fragrance.

The product is therefore effective, safe, and quick to use. Its powerful active foam, in fact, cleanses surfaces quickly and effectively, restoring their original brilliance, without leaving streaks. The Glass Clean & Shine formulation does not contain ammonia and is simple and easy to use: powerful, effective, and fast!


Shake the can and spray the product on the surfaces to be cleaned from a distance of 15-25 cm. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth to finish the glass.

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