Faspoiler Spray

Faspoiler Spray


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Glass Cleaner Car Glass Degreaser

Glass Cleaner Car Glass Degreaser

Glass Clean & Shine

Glass Clean & Shine

Faspoiler Spray

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If the glance cast on your car generates a leap in your heart every time then, of course, you will also love the details….

FASPOILER is a product designed for all those who do not want to be satisfied and are constantly looking for perfection.

A spray product capable of renewing - without greasing - Bumpers, Side Strips, Spoilers, Capotes with just one “stroke”.

Rich in precious substances and polymer-based nutrients, FASPOILER creates a glossy, transparent, and protective veil, which adheres tenaciously to the treated parts, instantly renewing any fiberglass surface (bands and more), plastic - discolored or damaged by long exposure to sunlight - and any rubber part.

If used regularly, FASPOILER prevents discoloration and aging of the exposed parts.
The layer that forms on the treated surface over time resists the effects of hot or cold water, sun and dust, without ever mentioning the annoying "cracking" effect, always being absolutely invisible.
MA-FRA FASPOILER is used by car wash professionals.

Faspoiler by MA-FRA is available in the 300ml format

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