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At MA-FRA being "green" is not only about making products with a low environmental impact!


Our company is committed to improving the environmental services of our products through the use of new technology and new eco-compatible active ingredients.

The MA-FRA commitment to reaching a primary objective involves all sectors and aspects of the company, in addition to a training activity aimed at employees and collaborators. MA-FRA essentially strives to be, and already is, known to its customers as a partner to trust, a mainstay of industrial development appreciated by the whole.

In terms of organization, the adoption of a quality-environment management system – the first in the sector –, complying to ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-14001:2004 norms, equips the company with a tool capable of offering greater efficiency in both its products and the company’s services and processes.

To this end, MA-FRA has introduced process measurement devices, with relative performance indexes, that immediately gauge the progress of the processes, environmental services, and any possible need for improvement.

The innovative Ecomaf line is a genuine step forward in terms of eco-sustainability. Produced with vegetal-based surface acting agents, it is the result of important investments that have led the MA-FRA R&D center to investigate completely new avenues in the sector of highly biodegradable detergents. This line was created especially for professionals, to simplify their work and to stand up to, and often anticipate, the strictest European regulations regarding environmental protection. The ecological ECOMAF detergents, exclusively formulated with natural surface acting agents, have been produced specifically to guarantee a minimum impact on the ecosystem. Shampoo, foam, exterior washes, and waterproof waxes: ECOMAF products have been created using vegetal-based raw ingredients. Based on sugars and alcohol derived from essential oils, they are quickly and completely biodegradable.



All of this and much more combine to make up what we like to call our “LifeStyle”, a truly unique way of living that aims, not merely for the end result but for something greater, a quality steeped in respect for nature and for others.

To achieve this, MA-FRA, a pioneer in the sector, has set itself an imposing ambition that can be summed up in a percentage: 70%. This is the percentage of water that our company aims to recover and reuse in the wash plants. It is no easy task, but only the most testing challenges propel research on, and along with it, humanity and business. The Ecomaf line constitutes an essential step towards reaching and exceeding this goal.

MA-FRA has always moved towards safeguarding the environment, through daring, significant steps which, years ago, called for great sacrifices, in a time when the market was reluctant to understand the need for eco-compatible products.

Any examples? Our company was the first to launch the CFC-Free spray, the first to produce a line of phosphate-free detergents and was first to develop a line of NTA-free formulas.

Having a “green-colored” container doesn’t automatically make a product “ecological: MA-FRA is well aware!

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