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Al Roudhan Global

Strategic Alliances

Our concept of 'Strategic Alliance' is a key success factor in our business model; collaboration in the concept, planning, execution, monitoring & control and delivery phases of projects with our strategic partners The competitive advantage is enhanced through more favorable pricing, improved information flow, enhanced solution delivery, and longer term-partnership. These partnership agreements enable RG to provide services with total confidence that the resources and services required to fulfill projects will be available to meet the required standards and scheduled time-scales.

  • Mafra - Italy
  • BITIMEC - Italy
  • Puraqleen - Germany
  • NORDIC AERO – Sweden
  • Plasti dip - USA

Stage Founded:

Since the company was founded Al-Rodhan Global Trading is always sought to be isolated among its counterparts thanks to the mentality of the dramatic work, which mainly serve the public and private sectors and has already found our way in the area of cleaning all types (planes - buses - buildings), whether that was dry internally or externally , Which is one of the most important ingredient in the efficacy of many projects because of its great importance in the development and leadership and growth.

The experience of the company:

Our company has been able, thanks to efforts made in achieving the goals and plans adopted by supporting the march of success and thus benefiting from the experience of ancient specialized formed as it seeks to have year after year to recruit the highest available resources efficiently as possible to achieve the desired results and through the development of its activities to maintain its role in the development of mass transport market Private and public sectors.
As our company has succeeded in implementing many projects and contract cleaning services in the internal bus with the largest Kuwaiti companies specialized in transportation services of all kinds and which of them (Kuwaiti company for public transport KPTC - Company Association of Kuwait and the Gulf of transport company KGL-general stores - the company Rahal of minorities – KAC- KASCO – NAPSCO- City Bus- Ghazal Logistic Co – Agility – Mubbard- Ali Alghanim BMW – Fouad AlGhanim Audi….. And others

International alliances

Because of the extreme importance of cleaning the area, which affects virtually at the level of development and growth in transport companies, as a result of the continuing search for companies with sufficient expertise in the area of cleaning, we have concluded several international alliances to help them in providing better services to increase growth and development of companies and already we have been able alliance with Companies pioneer in this field, which company Mafra (MA-FRA) Italian specialized in the manufacture of detergents and chemical company (BITIMEC) Italian specialized in manufacturing equipment and machinery needed for clean-up operations, according to the latest standards and techniques applicable global company, Birch Klein (PURAQLEEN) specializing in German Tchina Mechanisms for cleaning buildings, as our alliance with the company Odin Aero (Nodic Aero) Swedish specialized cleaning the outside of the aircraft through a company colleague … etc.

The importance of using clean-up operations in the internal bus

Our company has contributed to the achievement of a quantitative and qualitative leap in the level of mass transit through our services is to provide cleaning services for domestic mass transit buses private and public sectors, using global best practices and best high-tech, where we began to conduct the necessary studies to determine the strategic options available to identify targets leadership The evolution of the transport market