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About Company

Who is Mafra

Establishment phase:

Since the company was founded, Rodan world has always sought to trade can be distinctive among its peers thanks to the mentality of the drama, which serves mainly the public and private sectors, has already found our way in the field of all types of cleaning (airplanes - buses - buildings), whether it's Java internally or externally, which is considered one of the most important elements in the effectiveness of many of the projects because of its great importance in the development, leadership and growth.

The company's expertise:

Our company has been able thanks to the efforts that have been made in achieving the objectives and plans approved by the support of the march of success, and thus take advantage of long-standing and professional experience as they seek year after year to employ the highest available resources efficiently as possible to achieve the desired results through the development of its activities to maintain its role in the development of mass transit market in the private and public sectors. The company also succeeded in implementing a number of projects and contracts for cleaning services internal bus with the largest Kuwaiti companies specialized in the transport of all types of services including (the Kuwaiti company for public transport - the consortium Alkwyta- Gulf Transport Company - PWC - Company Rahal - Kuwait Airways Corporation - Cusco - Nabisku - Citybus - Ghazal logistics Co. - Agility - Coolant - Ali Alghanim BMW Dbrio - Fouad Alghanim Audi and many other companies.

International alliances:

Because of the extreme importance of cleanliness that affect the level of development and growth in the transport companies, as a result of continuing to search for companies that have sufficient experience in the field of hygiene, we have entered into several international alliances to help them provide better services to increase the growth and development of companies already enable us to alliance in the leading companies in this field includes company Mafra (MA-FRA) Italian specialized in the manufacture of detergents and chemicals company BITIMEC Italian specialized in the manufacture of equipment and machinery required for the clean-up operations, according to Akhaddt levels and techniques applicable to the international companies, and (Birch Klein (PURAQLEEN specialized mechanisms Tknya German to clean buildings, as well as our alliance with a company (Odin Aero (Nodic Aero Swedish specialized in cleaning the exterior parts of the aircraft through an associate company ... etc. international alliances:

About Mafra:

Mafra I have worked for the benefit of customers for a long time dating back to 1965 and the assistance to all the problems faced by car owners and professionals a day easily and in a manner an environmental solution. Mafra include the concepts espoused by very few companies today and are transferred to the public through a strong and sustained advertising campaign such as perfect love and knowledge of the market Amaya full consideration to the requirements of its customers. Tradition and Innovation: Mafra blends the old and the new economy with technological information and have a "team spirit" with the belief and seek to do everything in our power to satisfy customers atrium put their trust in us by purchasing our product.

The quality:

Provide quality "ISO" certificates to end users full assurance of reliability and commitment to the regulations of the success that has been built over the years. Mafra We have carried out our company's quality system in order to achieve the following objectives:

Rationalization of the company's internal organization and functions in it.
Reduce costs that are not related to quality and improve productivity with reduced waste and the number of amendments.
Achieve continuous increase in demand for quality customer documents.

Best plant:

Since 1999, with the Department of the University of businessman Al Bocconi, a school Karnfeild Administration, Export Academy Baden - and Trtemberg and the Ecole de Management de Lyon, considered Mafra part of this initiative, which allows listed companies which monitors the quality of management practices in units affiliated production to them.